Love Spicy ! Try Spicy !!

        Vegetarian Laksa Paste

Love South East Asian Cuisine, do not miss this cuisine.  The ONLY VEGETARIAN LAKSA in SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA.

           Vegetarian Mee Siam Paste

Missing out on some spicy and sour, try this well known Mee Siam to uncover the unique taste topping with some lime. 

   Vegetarian Prawn Paste

With Textured Soya Protien (TVP) and with sambal chilli, to go with rice or congee.
250gm 230gm 180gm

Spices in a bottle.

Vegetarian Belachan Chilli Padi (Extra Spicy)
This is FULL of Chilli PADI.  Most popular product in our store for the spicy lover.   

Vegetarian Belachan Chilli Padi(Spicy with lime)
Fancy BBQ Fish to go with some spices?  You must try this fantastic lime spicy. 

Vegetarian   Belachan Chilli

Craving some special taste in your chilli sauce.   Specially made vegetarian belachan is your choice.
230gm 180gm 250gm

       Vegetarian Sambal Chilli

Sambal chilli for your favourite nasi lemak, chicken rice or even noodles.  For chilli lover, do not leave Home without it.

                                  Vegetarian Sambal Mee Chilli
                              Mild Spicy for anyone who love chilli with sambal      
                              chilli. Believe us, it is too "HOT" to resist.