Have a Retail Space available for Vegetarian Food!

  • We can help you to identify the most popular vegetarian products for a good start.
  • We encourage more retailers to consider having some vegetarian selection for their community of customers.  It is a growing Demand.
  • What if your competitor start to sell vegetarian food before you?  Would you like to take on the first mover advantage?
Be Part of the Vegetarian Food Providers.

Tian Ran Vegetarian Food Variety.

Being pioneer in Konnyaku and vegetarian food supplier, we organise only the most sellable products for your retails.  You may want to find out more about our products available for your selection.

Choose beyond one brand of products....

Being the main distributor for brand "Li-Ter" products produced in Malaysia.
We also import products from Taiwan, China and Malaysia
Popular vegetarian in our store are:-
- LiTer
- Greenfarm
- De Ming
- Kawa (Shao Tong)
- among many others...