Since 1990

A humble beginning with a vegetarian Yong Tau Fu stall at "Chomp Chomp Hawker Centre".  Regular customers in Singapore and also customers coming from Taiwan and Malaysia came to support us.  Noticing the demand, Tian Ran Vegetarian Food was set up in a small premises in Defu Lane which produce vegetarian fishballs to serve a larger community as a distributor. 
With a passion to introduce more variety and tasty food to the vegetarian community, products like vegetarian Yong Tau Fu (which is ready cooked and packed in box for consumer use) was processed and produced to meet the demand of our customers who regularly supported us during the "Chomp Chomp" days.  Products like Mock Mutton and Vegetarian Spices such as laksa paste and Mee Siam paste were lately included in our catalogue, innovated with the latest food technology to cater to the growing demand.
In the late 1990s, other than producing our own range of products, more vegetarian products were also imported from Taiwan, Malaysia and lately China to introduce more varieties of food to the vegetarian and non-vegetarian community.  Vegetarian food has since become even more interesting with Vegetarian Chicken, Vegetarian Ham, Vegetarian Duck, Vegetarian BBQ, etc which made use of soya, konnyaku, mushrooms, gluten, etc as the basis meatless ingredients to produce. 
In our store (factory premise), you can find just any products that you want for a BBQ session, Birthday Party or for your daily meals.  It is so simple to prepare when cooking vegetarian food.  If you are a non-vegetarian and often worry about cooking vegetarian food just to compliment your daily diet or to serve a friend who are vegetarian, just cook the products like you are cooking a meat products.  You may want to add seasonings that is suitable for vegetarian too!

Importing / Exporting

The challenge of bringing frozen food across the globe has been reduced thanks to Globalisation.  Over the years, we have exported processed vegetarian food to Australia (Sydney), Spain, Taiwan and India.  Looking forward to our next export commitment to U.K, Canada and Norway.
Our export team is working hard since 2007 to bring forward our more than 200 selections of vegetarian food from Asia to anywhere around the World.  We believe that we must continue to find good manufacturers (exporters) and good local distributors (importers) to work closely in partnership with us so that we can serve a larger group and encourage vegetarianism.
Singapore, being geographically located as a good trading city, we can efficiently move and transport just any kind of goods into and through Singapore to the rest of the World.  We are looking into setting a base in Europe as a distribution centre so that consolidation of frozen cargo can be disseminated through the port in Europe.  Also in the USA, we believe that the potential of vegetarian food is still increasing and we urge Entreprenuer and buyer to come forward to speak to us to find out how we can work together. 
We view Singapore as a great location for the vegetarian industry to "interchange" the best vegetarian products from around the World and giving the best to our community.
If you have a good vegetarian product to share, we hope you can contact us and let us learn more from you.