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Konnyaku / Konjac (Yam Powder)
Konnyaku is rich in vegetable fiber and has been dubbed as "stomach cleaner" since olden times.  Today, konnyaku is widely used by the Japnese as their daily dietary and is well known as one of the most popular sound diet foods.  It is said to prevent constipation by its enhancing action on intestinal function, and yet, it gives you the feeling of saciety even we eat small amount of it.
Reducing Weight?  Lowering Cholesterol level and body sugar level? Try out the konnyaku range of products and you will be amazed by the results.
Konjac flour is also known with the ability to reduce serum cholesterol and glucose levels in healthy adults and help control blood sugar in diabetics.

How we make use of konnyaku in our food process?

  • Since the 1990s, we have innovated vegetarian fishballs, vegetarian fishcakes, vegetarian kidneys by processing konnyaku powder into tasty and healthy products.
  • The popularity of the products has motivated us to improve on newer product range that includes processing vegetarian food from mushrooms.  Our latest product development includes spices and paste like the South East Asian Cuisine of laksa and mee siam.  Perfect mix with some sambal or belachan chillies too.

Tell Us More......

We are consolidating more facts about how konnyaku has help improve our health and body system, please email us and we will publish your comments on our website as an information to help others.
Different Type Of Vegetarian
Often, we hear people asking about the differences among the many different type of vegetarian food they see in the market and are worried if they have purchased something that are not suitable for them.
We have gather some useful information that you can consider before you make your next purchase:
In the vegetarian community, we do have differences, some are vegetarian because of religion, some for their health well-being and some for other reasons and beliefs.  We respect all vegetarian and non-vegetarian consumers for their choices of their dietary and the information mentioned below are for references only
Check out the details on your purchase:-
1 - Asian Vegetarian (Chinese) : No Onion, No Shallot,  No Garlic (Eggs Acceptable)
2 - Asian Vegetarian (Chinese) : No Onion, No Shallot, No Garlic (No Egg Allowed)
3 - Asian Vegetarian (Chinese) : No Milk or Dairy Products such like Cheese or Yogurt.
4 - Vegetarian (Indian) - Strictly No Egg (Onion and Shallot allow)
5 - Vegan : Prefer only original or organic extract like vegetables and fresh farm ingredients (No Egg)
6 - Vegetarian (Western) : 100% meatless, except fish and seafood
Learn more about vegetarian here:
While we make efforts to provide you with the most accurate information to the best of our knowledge, we assume no responsibilities towards any incorrect or inaccurate details.  We regret and apologise in advance should we have made any statement(s) appears to be offensive to any religion, group, society and / or individual.  Please contact us if you would like to correct us, and we will make the necessary changes.